Voice/Speech Recognition Module V3 with Microphone compatible with Arduino

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Voice Recognition Module V3 with Microphone 

The Voice Recognition Module V3 lets you experiment with seamless voice recognition and speech control. This adaptable module has a built-in microphone for accurate and quick speech command recognition and is compatible with Arduino. Introduce hands-free operation to your electronic devices and gaming consoles to provide a higher level of accessibility and convenience. This module gives you the power of voice-activated control, enabling you to automate tasks or improve gaming experiences. With this advanced Voice Recognition Module V3 , bid manual processes farewell and welcome the future of interactive technology.

Empower Projects with Voice Recognition Module V3 and Microphone

1. Speech-Activated Devices: Incorporate the Voice Recognition Module V3 into your projects to enable speech-activated functionality. Create devices that respond to voice commands, enhancing user interaction and convenience.

2. Home Automation Systems: Revolutionize home automation by integrating the Voice Recognition Module V3. Command and control smart devices with voice prompts, adding a layer of sophistication and hands-free operation to your home.

3. Interactive Learning: Educational projects come to life with the Voice Recognition Module V3. Foster interactive learning experiences by developing applications that recognize and respond to spoken words, making learning engaging and dynamic.

4. Security Systems: Enhance security systems by implementing voice recognition capabilities. The Voice Recognition Module V3 adds an extra layer of authentication, allowing access or triggering alarms based on recognized voices.

5. Innovative Gaming: Elevate gaming experiences by integrating voice commands with the Voice Recognition Module V3. Create interactive and immersive games that respond to spoken instructions, adding a new dimension to gaming enjoyment.

6. Accessibility Solutions: Develop accessibility solutions for individuals with diverse needs. The Voice Recognition Module V3 can be employed to create devices that respond to vocal cues, providing a more accessible and user-friendly interface for a range of users.


  • Compatible: Created to operate without a hitch with Arduino microcontrollers.
  • Voice Recognition Module V3 is the ability to understand and act upon spoken or voice commands.
  • Built-in microphone: This device has a built-in microphone to record audio inputs.
  • Accurate speech command recognition is provided for dependable performance.
  • Interface: For interacting with Arduino and other microcontrollers, UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter) communication is typically used.
  • Operating Voltage: Typical operating voltage ranges for Arduino power supplies fall between 3.3V and 5V.
  • Users can set up and personalize voice-activated control for a variety of applications using the control capability.
  • Onboard memory is frequently used to store and process voice command data.
  • Quick response times for voice commands are provided, improving the user experience.

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Voice/Speech Recognition Module V3 with Microphone compatible with Arduino

1,999 (Inc. GST)

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    Voice/Speech Recognition Module V3 with Microphone compatible with Arduino

    1,999 (Inc. GST)

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